Maybe a little more Crochet…

Hi everyone I have been virtually bedbound for coming up to 3 weeks only today I may be able to get out of bed and venture downstairs to see what my sitting room looks like! So while I’ve been here in between sleep, tablets, rest and being kept sane by my wonderful friend messaging me, I have managed to do a bit of crochet! unfortunately my big project I can’t show you because it’s a secret (for now) so I’ll update later but what I do have to show you is THIS!

This sunglasses case was made with a free patten from Jenni Designs and you can get it here LINK , this case can be used for sunglasses, your normal glassess or even make it into a purse, I have to sew on the button but it’s more or less finished. Was so easy and quick to make.

I used a 5.oom hook and Noro Kureyon yarn (50g – but I used less than that) Lot L and colour was 319, I think average price for it is about £7.00 but I got it as a gift from my sister for my birthday.

I also made a basket but haven’t took a pic of that yet, so will try and update later.

Have fun

bye for now! 🙂


Crochet Patterns Tried and Tested

Hello all welcome to my new blog! I’m sure it needs a bit of tweaking but for now, I’m finally happy with the background colours and the header. I’ve made a selection of Autumn  crochet patterns I’ve found, but I shall be making me some more soon, so come back fro a nosy!!

Pumpkin Sweetie Jar


Click on the picture to go to the pattern.

This is the link to the leaf to go on top of the jar!

I would say medium skill involved to be able to do this, but it’s straightforward enough..Stitch MARKERS!! I can’t stress enough the need for those.

I made this with Orange acrylic yarn and a 2.50mm hook

**Tip – If you don’t have stitch markers, use differnt colour yarn or use safety pins!**


Jar Cosy and Bracelet

This is meant to be a Jar cosy but I quite like the look of the cosy on my wrist I think it would make a lovely bracelet. Once can add a pretty button to glam it up a bit!

I made smaller version! Super easy pattern, not known anything so amazing! I used 5.00mm hoook and Sublime’s Bamboo and Pearls DK,

(Quality Ko14, Sh 213 Lot 90906 (orange circle)  it gives a luxury feel and is  beautifully soft. Super quick to whip up as well! If you need a quick gift this is the one to try!


Pretty accidental Flower

Flower that is actually a pattern for maple leaf, but I messed up and finished earlier but I like the flower as it is so left it at that.






Well sometimes life just comes in and sweeps you right off your feet!!


A Pair of High Top booties for a friend’s Son, I’m proud of them and they are lovely, I’m afraid the pattern has escaped me but once I find it again I’ll post the details of where to find the pattern.

Hello All,

Sorry for the long rant about my M.E./C.F.S. and Fibro, my brain wasn’t engaged brain fog had took over and sometimes I don’t think straight!

Anyhow on to more crochet…


A few more things I did do in between.

I made a lovely owl in purple, but the one you see half made (in black and blue) turned out much better, however I gave it to my sister not realising I hadn’t took a finished photo!


This is the other part of the owl, without the ends sewn in etc!


This is the first owl I made!

20150814_092401 20150728_152819


Coming Soon, Crochet, Free Crochet Patterns

Work in Progress!!!!

Hello All,

UPDATE 13 August 2016: – Hello All, to make the background and the header I used Photoshop CS2 and some customized paintbrushes that I downloaded quite a long time ago, if they are your brushes please contact me so I can give credit where it’s due. Thank you!

I’m afraid I’m going to have to take that notice that I had up before down as I can’t manage to do everything currently so we are going to start off with me making some patterns and rating them on whether I think they are easy or hard to do etc.

So once again please bear with, but it shoud be tonight or tomorrow when you see some things pop up! Thank you again for your unwavering support!!!

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I'll be BACK!

Click on image to see larger version! The things in the box are crocheted by me!